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Merchant Cash Advance

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Get the funding you need for your business! Soft-Credit Pull

Our Process


Complete our online application

& send us your business documents

along with 3 months bank statements

Get Approved

Our team will review your file look for the best solution possible for your business.

Soft - Credit Pull

Get Funded

Accept the offer and receive funds. SAME DAY APPLICATOIN and FUNDINIG

To Your Business Account

A near-instant influx of capital! Funds in your account in less than 24 hours!

Work with a funding manager direct. 15 Years Experience!

We aim to empower small business owners across the U.S by providing them with access to capital funding as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our embedded financial model allows a same-day screening and funding process and has been crucial for our clients that are looking to expand, fix a business problem, or need capital to keep their business afloat as they wait for receivables

Doc Requirements

Work with fund manger direct.

Cut out the middle man and go straight to the source. walk you through all the steps to obtaining a Merchant Cash Advance so that your business has capital within 24 hours of the request

Bank Statement Funding

BCA Business Cash Advance

3 Months of Recent Bank Statements

Minimum $10,000 in Monthly Revenue

500+ FICO Score

Getting started is simple, all we ask for is 3 Months of Bank Statements and our Completed Application to get started.

Required Documents to Submit:

3 Months Bank Statements

Completed Application. here

After our team has reviewed your business' options with our network, they'll reply with an Approved amount.

In Addition to Submission Requirements:

Drivers License

Voided Check

Industries We Serve



Business Consultants




Fitness Centers

General Contractors

  • Grocery Stores

Healthcare Services


Learning Centers

Liquor Stores





Medical Companies

Online Businesses

Professional Services


Rehab Centers

Restaurant / Cafes

Retail Stores

Technology Companies

Warehouse Businesses

Utility Companies

*We are not limited to the industries listed above*

Online Application

Same Day Approval


Awards Won


Funded Business


State Funding Managers

4 - 10

Months Terms

Frequently Asked Your Question

A Tribute To Those Who Served as Executive Secretary and Treasurer for the American Finance Association.

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Since 1996. A Financial Services Company. Serving local business man solve issues in TAX - CREDIT REPAIR - BiZ FUNDING - COMPANY FORMATION - PAYMENT PROCESSING.

We solve your cashflow problems !

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